HATHA Mixed Ability

These classes takes place at the Fairgreen Holistic clinic every Tuesday morning A new 6 week programme will commwnce on Tuesday the 25/2/2020. It is a mixed ability class, suitable for beginners and people with some experience of Yoga.  Each session includes; Pranayama -breath work and Asanas -the practice of movement which will be followed by relaxation. 


This is a mixed ability class that takes place at the Fairgreen Holistic Clinic on Wednesday evenings. It combines breathing techniques with stretching movements followed by relaxation. A new  6 week programme commences on Wednesday 26/2/2020

Gentle Yoga

This class is suitable for everyone interested in starting yoga or persons who prefer a slower pace of movement. It combines breathing techniques with stretching movements followed by relaxation. The next 6 week program commences on Thursday 27/2//2020


Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement is a unique class with an emphasis on the contacting and releasing of particular muscles. Each movement is very gentle and we focus on creating deep awareness in your body, guided through each movement you start to create more space in your body and ease tension. Somatic Movement can help anyone recovering from an injury, those who sit for long periods at work, mothers with young children, along with runners, yoga practitioners, cyclists, walkers, or anyone who experiences back pain.


After 2 hours you will leave the workshop with less pain and physical tension, feeling relaxed in your body and mind.

Workshops run throughout the year. Check the home page for the next date.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a perfect workshop that teaches you how to relax. 

Each session typically involves gentle yoga poses supported by props that allow you to completely let go. This class is simply a great way to rest and switch-off from busy life. Next workshop 20th March 2020

One-to-One Yoga Session

If you are new to yoga but not ready to join a class, If you have an on-going issue with general stiffness and soreness and you believe that yoga may hold the key to overcoming the pain, then why not consider a one-to-one yoga session with me?

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a class where each pose is adapted to using a chair as a support to allow those with reduced mobility to enjoy the many benefits yoga has to offer. In each session  we will move through various poses from sitting to standing using the chair, ending with relaxation and some breath work. Classes are held in Blessington, in the Coimín Centre and the next course is starting Monday 24th Febuary 2020 at 11am to 12pm for 5 weeks 

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